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Goop Fiber Pros: High-fiber food in the market (9,366 mg in 1 sachet)


  • Help to reboot the excretory system, easy to cure constipation.
  • Wash toxins in the intestines
  • Anyone who excrete regularly will feel that this detox will try to drive out more waste. (Note that the stool will be softer and smelly than usual)
  • Waking up to collapse
  • Clear skin, better health (Use skin care and see results Apply the powder on the face longer. The skin is not easily damaged.)
  • Good for women Due to the prune extract (Queen fiber) In addition to having a mild laxative effect, it also helps reduce menstrual cramps. Blood clot And in the prunes also have very high vitamin C.
  • Prevent the occurrence of cholesterol, clogged fat and hemorrhoids.
  • Broccoli seedling extract Has very high antioxidants Helps reduce wrinkles, strong skin, slow down aging and also prevent cancer.
  • When eating continuously, the digestive system will improve Skin looks rosy

7 packs per box