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BCELLA HAIR DETOX SERUM can restore hair health. The serum made from natural charcoal and pea herbs helps restore damaged hair. Cleansing chemicals from the hair and the scalp is purely. It also helps to condition the hair. Moisture hair smooth and soft. Make the hair color shine. The extract of flowers help to stimulate blood circulation deep to hair roots. Make a shiny black hair. And Anti-Oxidant to protect the hair. Free radicals such as sunlight which causes hair loss.

  • Solve hair problems directly to the point 
  • Bring back the natural look of your hairs
  • Slow down the grey hairs process
  • Reduce hair fall, Lessen itchy scalp
  • Decrease dandruff
  • Detoxify and thoroughly clean the oily and dirty scalp and hairs
  • Your hairs will be clean, smooth, shiny, sleek and healthy
  • 18 ml.